What to Wear for a Video Chat Date?

Video dates, especially those in video chats, are no less exciting and interesting than the traditional ones. As in real life, people meet, talk and fall in love, only in online love, that is the only difference. The same as in real life, the most important thing is the first impression as this guides all of the further communication between people. To make a good first impression in a chat, one should pay special attention to appearance and clothes.

Upon setting up all of the equipment, adjusting light and arranging a proper background, one starts the most important part of the preparation – getting ready. So the first thing to consider when choosing clothes for online dates is how you want to be seen on your video call. It also largely depends on the person you are going to chat with and your personal attitude to the situation. Below we will discuss practical tips and hints on getting ready for an online date.

How to Look Good on Video Date

To start with, make sure clothing does not bunch up when you sit down, your clothes should lie smooth and flat when chatting. Clothing with too much drape and folds also does not look quite good on camera. Whatever the occasion, your clothing choices may vary significantly. However, here are some basic advice which would be helpful for almost any occasion.

So, when choosing clothes for online date, consider the following tips:

  • Patterns and solids: avoid stripes as they can create a shimmering effect which is off putting to those looking at you. Avoid large patterns as they can dominate.
  • Contrast: wear a medium to high value contrast as this communicates that you are professional and credible.  Ensure the contrast is seen in your portrait area as this is where the camera will be most focussed.
  • Colour: try on colours that flatter you.  Blue, green and yellow often look good on screen, red can bleed so do not use it too much. Try also not to wear too much white as sometimes the camera finds it hard to get the balance right.
  • Accessories: avoid big dangly earrings. They are fun but on a small screen when all we are seeing is your upper body, they can be distracting.
  • Grooming: good grooming is a must on a video as we are limited in seeing you on a screen. Make sure your hair is well groomed as the camera can amplify poor grooming.

All in all, looking good online is just as demanding as offline. So make sure you prepare yourself for a video chat date well in advance. Try to choose clothes suiting the occasion and your mood, and smile as nothing flatters a person more than a sincere smile!

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