Should you ask your online boyfriend intimate questions?

These days smart phones and laptops have replaced all the interactions with people in real life. Many human beings have no doubt that such a change brings us only benefits every day. They
prove it saying that our lives have become much easier since the development of modern
devices. It’s impossible to imagine how people could live nowadays if they weren’t able to text or
call someone in order to discuss some significant issues. Furthermore, one can find thousands of
applications on the internet which will help him deal with problems. However, a lot of people
note that the internet brings us many disadvantages, and loneliness is one of the most essential
of them. To solve such an issue the developers have created services known as video chats where
everyone who has access to a web camera can communicate with strangers. It’s even possible to
find a lover using these websites. But this relationship differs from a dating in reality. And talking
about intimate topics with your online boyfriend is one of the most controversial things.


What not to ask

Firstly, you need to remember that you should start asking questions which are too private only
when you understand that you are ready to go to a new level of your relationship. If you have
only started dating, these themes can make your partner insecure. When you are asking questions, you shouldn’t talk on a vilifying tone because the main aim of these questions is to make your boyfriend get closer to you. While asking them you need to remember that they should make him more confident when he is interacting with you. However, you don’t need to forget about your date’s private space, before talking on intimate topics, find out what are taboo questions for him.


What questions are allowed

If you think that the intimacy is impossible when you can use only a web camera to talk with your
partner, you are wrong. That is why you need to ask what positions in sex he prefers and which
one is prohibited for him. Moreover, you should ask if he likes new experience, and what unusual he has already tried and what he wants to. It will help you go deeper into his mind. When you should stop asking questions You need to postpone talking about private topics when you understand that your partner hasn’t been ready to answer your questions. This behavior can also be caused because of his exhaustion at work. That is why you shouldn’t blame him.

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