Lie Recognition Methods for Communication on Random Chats

Even with good self-control and control of emotions, a deceiver can be recognized by look, voice, gestures, and facial expressions. If you think that your interlocutor on a cam chat deceives you, check the following points that help to understand that you communicate with a cheater.

Non-verbal signs

These include psychophysical and behavioral signals. They are subconscious and difficult to control, and, therefore, the most informative.

Behavioral signs of deception include:

  • Active gesticulation.
  • Verbal (words) and non-verbal language do not coincide. For example, shaking your head from side to side with a positive answer.
  • Frequent palm touch on the face, in particular on the lips. This gesture signals at a subconscious desire to remain silent. Frequent touches of the ears indicate an unwillingness to hear their own lies. If your interlocutor on an online video chat constantly rubs his/her eyes or covers them with his/her palm, then this is an attempt to avoid eye contact.
  • Constant trifling of small objects in the hand – a pen, keys, a scrap of paper.
  • Look. As a rule, cheaters know that a look (for right-handed people), which is directed to the right or right-up, indicates an intention to deceive. Left-handed people look to the left when lie. That is why experienced liars look directly into the eyes, sometimes looking at other objects. This way, they try to convince an interlocutor of their honesty.

Psychophysiological signs of deception

Pay attention to the following signs:

  • frequent blinking, if it is not caused by physiological problems;
  • the pallor of the skin or its redness;
  • perspiration on the face (if it is not hot);
  • rapid breathing;
  • nerve scratching, coughing, swallowing saliva;
  • dilated pupils.

It is impossible to control our bodies all the time and on all occasions. Many processes depend on the situation and happen uncontrollably. Even the deftest deceiver will not be able to master body language because our gestures have subconscious nature. Thus, they are practically uncontrollable. To reveal lies, it is recommended to carefully monitor body micro-movements.

The above-mentioned methods will help understand whether your interlocutor on a random chat lies to you. Do not forget that all gestures should be analyzed in complex. Mastering non-verbal language requires much time and practice. Thus, you can communicate on cam chats and practice your skills.

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