The best apps for chatting via mobile phone

These days it’s almost impossible to imagine how to survive not having any devices connected to the internet because modern technologies have become one of the major aspects of their dwelling. Some of the elderly people even believe that young adults don’t spend any time with each other. However, they are completely wrong. In fact, there are thousands of kinds of online services which are aimed to help users communicate with each other via the internet. The most popular of these websites are also well-known all around the world as video chats.

Video chat is an online platform which allows users who live in different parts of the globe talk to each other via a web camera. That’s why they cannot only find out another person’s news or opinion on the particular topic but also see your interlocutor’s real appearance and emotions he has during the interaction. Video chats are not only online resources but also applications for your mobile phone. Here is the list of some of the most popular apps for having conversations online.


This is an application which is easy to use and free. One of the main reasons why it’s quite popular in different countries is the fact that it allows to have conversations in groups. That’s why a user can talk to a group of people who have the same personal preferences and interests as he.

One more reason to download this app is the fact that it allows users hide their face in order not to demonstrate their appearance and to make their interlocutor concentrate on their personality.


Zepeel is also a free application with a greatly-looking interface for Android and iOS users. The developers whe created three special features which make this program for chatting unique. The main of them is a video profile. Furthermore, a user can also send some video messages to his point of interest. All these features are aimed to help you find a perfect partner or an online mate.

Clover Dating

This application is developed specifically for those individuals who are looking for a long-term relationship. Users who download Clover are allowed to join some meetings. Moreover, it is possible to find a person who is located near you. That’s why you can easily meet your interlocutor in real life and to get even closer to each other.

However, it’s essential to mention that some special  features of this app need to be paid.

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