7 Creative Ideas for the First Offline Date with your Interlocutor in a Random Video Chat

Quite frequently, online dating in cam chats leads to a serious relationship. If two interlocutors feel cheerful and good with each other, it is obvious that, sooner or later, one of them will suggest meeting in the real world. Here rises a question: where to go?  We’ve made a list of the most creative and non-standard places to go on the first date.

  • Planetarium

The sky, stars, and distant planets – these are so interesting and mysterious. Planetariums can be found in almost all cities. Thus, if you want to make your date truly romantic, ask your girl to visit such a place. Moreover, after a session, you’ll have an interesting topic to discuss.

  • A night date on a beach

You can have a walk in a park and, when it gets darker, ask your girlfriend to go to the beach, count night stars, and swim in the sea. What can be more romantic than staying together on the beach, observing the Milky Way and stars, swimming, talking, and kissing?

  •  Adventure

If you live in different cities (and this is a common case for interlocutors in online cam chats), you can create your own map of your city. Mark all the important buildings and famous architectural sightseeing on it. Then send this map to your interlocutor by e-mail and ask him to find your house in your city using your map. This option will be welcomed by adventure-lovers.

  • Horse riding

If you’re fond of horse riding or have dreamt about it, you can choose this idea as your destination. Find the nearest stable and be ready to learn to ride. However, this option can be dangerous.

  • Roofing

If you know where open roofs are in your city, then invite your girlfriend to a secret date. And suggest observing the city from one of the city’s roofs.

  • Museum

This option will be suitable for curious couples. If you both have similar interests and tastes, you can go to a museum. But make sure that your partner also likes this idea and won’t get bored.

  • Picnic

If you’re fond of spending time in the lap of nature, admiring picturesque landscapes, and breathing in the fresh air, then a picnic will be the best option. It is a romantic idea. You’ll spend time together, no one will bother you. You’ll be able to read poems, drink wine and eat fruits, talk about everything, and enjoy the sounds of nature.

In any case, it is better to discuss your ideas with your interlocutor in a video chat. It is advisable to have several options and ask her to choose one of them. As you have chatted with each other for a while, you know each other’s preferences. Thus, you’ll approximately know what interest your interlocutor has.

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