6 tips to build a healthy relationship

The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman has been of concern to mankind for thousands of years. Each has its own experience, its own view of life and, finally, different circumstances. And yet there are harmonious couples, people as if created for each other, living together for many years. Don’t think they’re just lucky. They’ve invested a lot in their relationship. They never talk about it, and maybe they don’t even know it, and yet they do. It’s just that there are people who know how to build a relationship with the opposite sex from nature. And if that’s the case, it’s a skill that you can learn.

1. Relationships require attention and care

A relationship, not an accident. Yes, you may think that the period of “romance” was perfect and you understood each other intuitively. But this is not true, our needs are sometimes very difficult, even for us to understand personally, let alone for someone else to guess about them from outside.

 A relationship exists and develops when both sides risk sharing what is going on in their minds and hearts.

 2. You don’t have to fight for a place in someone’s life

When you showed your interest in someone else and you were not answered. That means the other person doesn’t have that need. It may be a bitter truth that is hard to accept, but it’s better to do. Artificial need creation “you don’t understand what you want!” is a very exhausting activity. 

Don’t make someone create space in their life for you.

 3. Everyone you meet has needs

Sometimes, our needs coincide and we are happy to realize them. But don’t assume that we all want the same thing.

4. Our needs change, we change, and that’s okay

It may happen that you have nothing to talk to your childhood friends about. It doesn’t mean that your friends “betrayed” you, it means that your paths may have been separated for a while. 

5. Your relationship with others is similar to your relationship with yourself

If your relationship with yourself does not work, do not expect relationships with others to be different. No one in this world can make you happy except yourself. Initially, you must take care of yourself, learn to interact with yourself, to understand yourself. But others, in part, can help you in this.

 6. You cannot change people, they can only change themselves

Be honest, tell me what other’s behavior is acceptable to you. But the way the other one behaves is not in your power.

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