Love addiction

What is the difference between true love and love addiction? The difference lies in the very nature of these feelings. We tell you how to recognize love addiction and get rid of it.

What is love addiction?

Before we talk about what is the essence of love addiction, let us understand the more general concepts.  Addiction is subordination to another person in the absence of independence, freedom. That is, it is a state in which we do certain actions not because we want to do so, but under the influence of something or someone who demands it from us. It is an unfreedom, which brings experience or even suffering.

But strangely enough, addiction is usually preceded by an exactly opposite state. We experience pleasure and pleasure that is caused by a substance or a person. There is nothing wrong with pleasure at its core, but when it becomes an obsession, leads to compulsive behavior, interferes with our lives, and harms our physical or mental health, it is a reason to seriously consider the problem. Addiction makes us feel unable to control our desires. We simply follow our inner instincts and take certain actions, even though they may cause damage to our mental or physical well-being. In this, our love addiction is the exact same as any other.

For example, some of us found ourselves in a situation where our relationship with our partner was cracking at the seams. And yet something was holding us back from making a final point. As if under the influence of an obsession, we continue to do everything possible to please our partner in exchange for his attention. Is that a familiar story? Others are in constant search of the perfect relationship. They are focused on the desire to find a date and feel an unbearable discomfort being alone. It’s already an addiction to the very idea of love.

We fully expect that a certain person who we subconsciously consider the source of our happiness will be there for us. And we would do anything for that. If we don’t get a “dose” of the emotions and feelings we need, we can put pressure on our partner to feel loved, or start fantasizing about finding that love on the side. This can lead to one day waking up in the same bed with another man or trying to control all of our partner’s actions to meet our needs.

In a healthy relationship, we do not seek total control over our beloved. A partner does not become the only source of positive emotions, although, of course, joint pastime and romantic moments with him brings us happiness. 

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