Do you truly love him

If you are hesitant whether you really love someone or are addicted to love, here are some signals to help clarify the situation.

You are obsessed with love in principle

You are constantly visited by fantasies about romantic moments and ideal relationships. You can find inspiration for them in films, books or paintings. These fantasies of love give you the strength to move on. And even if you are already in a relationship, it does not prevent you from fantasizing about passionate or sublime feelings.

You’re obsessed with a certain person

These can be obsessive thoughts about your partner or even a potential partner (to get attention and love from whom you want no matter what). You can neglect your own business, family interests, friends or hobbies because your thoughts are constantly revolving around this person. In doing so, you can take sexual attraction for emotional intimacy.

You are clued to your partner

When you are around him, you can be overly intrusive: you need to know everything about how he feels, what he thinks. You are constantly fighting for his attention, even at times when it is completely inappropriate. You also intend to do everything possible to keep him in a relationship with you.

You can’t put an end to a destructive relationship

Even if you suffer from emotional or physical abuse, you do not want to part with your partner. You may be afraid that you will not be able to find another man, so you prefer to be content with what you already have.

You attach more value to the original attraction than to the long-term proximity

You remember how beautiful the moment is when you meet a new person and there is a flash between you – physical or emotional attraction. This is the feeling you want to feel again and again. Even if you have a regular partner, you subconsciously keep looking for this feeling on the side. Love is perceived by you as something sublime, rapid, subtle. And at the same time, you dream of ever meeting your soul mate, a person with whom you will be happy all your life.

You don’t feel the strength to survive a breakup

If your partner wants to leave you and end the relationship, you are overwhelmed with the greatest despair. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to prevent a breakup.

You love despite the irresponsibility of feelings

Even if this person rejected you once, you hope that he can change his mind and change his attitude towards you.

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