Happn review

The French application Happn is designed to meet people who were in the same place as the user (within 250 meters) at the same time as he was. 


Happn uses a very pleasant shade called Bondi Blue. It has buttons for call to action, interface, tabs. The application is organized in a usual way for dating services of the era after Tinder. Icons are intuitive, located in one row at the bottom, there are no pop-up functional curtains.

Swipe interface for quick viewing and evaluation of questionnaires. The functionality is standard, however, the disadvantage is that there is no return button. The swiped profile return function only opens when a premium account is purchased.

Skip. Skip to the next profile without evaluation.

Hi. By sending it, the person will receive a greeting note, which should increase the chances of reply. The number per day is limited.

Like. The basic and most common function. After clicking, the user will receive a notification. You can see the likes author only after buying a premium account. 


Map is a very important service. It shows places and people you have crossed paths with there.

This is the main feature of the application. It’s designed for large cities with a wide range of leisure activities. The map distinguishes the application from other dating services, at least this difference can be called a chip. This approach has disadvantages – the inhabitants of small towns will be very limited in the choice of people.

The application has a spacious window with the function of finding a conversation by the name of the person you are talking to. In addition, the top part of the window always contains an offer to buy a premium version.

At the bottom there is a block for sending voice messages, bumps and music. The bumps are built in a third-party plugin, and the music should be searched from the Spotify list.

There is no option to send photos. Apparently, the reason is conceptual because applications like Tinder are aimed at real meetings by location, not at sharing photos. Preferences

In addition to the search filter, there are a number of other settings:

  • Gender selection. There are no restrictions, you can choose both options.
  • Range of ages.
  • Enabling invisible for 8 hours. The function is paid, allows you to hide the profile from the pile for a specific time.

The main feature of Happn is to search by visited places is a plus for communication, and a minus for acquaintances. This application is definitely not for introverts.

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