Leave or stay with your partner

Any human relationship is complex and requires work. But when should we stop working? When the relationship makes no sense? Let’s answer these questions.

Relationships exist until a certain point as long as they have meaning, motivation, purpose. In a relationship, we meet needs of different nature. We can be an absolutely complete person, but to look for some sense in a relationship is the need for love, for example. As long as this need is satisfied, people are in a relationship. In fact, I can’t take responsibility for any person and say that I have to leave because everyone has different personal boundaries and perceptions of relationships. It is possible to recommend leaving if someone in a relationship is a danger to someone else.

When you can’t get out of a relationship on your own that is painful and frustrating, you should contact a specialist and they will walk the road with you. The main thing about a relationship is psychological and physical safety. We would advise you to leave if there are unresolvable differences. It is very difficult to imagine a couple who do not agree on a political point of view or view of marriage and children. At a stage where it is possible to explore and understand whether a person is right or wrong, we often project our expectations on someone who has nothing to do with those expectations. At first, we wear pink glasses and believe that the partner really meets our expectations. It’s great if it’s true. But, as a rule, then you start to realize that your partner is absolutely not what you want to see next to you. Since the human psyche is determined to protect us, to save energy, we begin to justify the partner. The process of awareness can take a very long time, years.

The decision to part is always very difficult because a person has invested a lot of emotional strength, finances, time. Everyone decides for himself when he should leave. Someone may exist in a state of frustration, imbalance and frustration, but someone can’t stand it when another person, conditionally, puts a spoon differently than he would like. In any case, we are looking for a partner according to our parents’ projections. We fall in love with something familiar, close. This acquaintance is not always pleasant. It can be cruelty and coldness. Such men are often adorned by women, because the father was the same or he was not at all. Someone falls in love with depreciation, with constant scandals and intrigues – all this comes from childhood.

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