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Why cannot we accept expensive gifts?

Remember, as a child we all loved to receive gifts – we were waiting for a birthday or any other holiday with incredible impatience. And if a little girl is pampered just because she is in the life of parents and friends, in adulthood it is important to understand that not all gifts, especially expensive, are given to us just for fun. But it is also not worth looking at everyone with suspicion – many people recharge, seeing the joy in the eyes of the recipient of the ring or the long-awaited ticket to the ballet. Today we decided to talk about gifts from men, why they give them at all and how to take them, so as not to cause misunderstanding on both sides.

And how does it happen in nature?

In fact, not only a man has an understanding that gifts can attract the attention of a person of the opposite sex: almost all animals in one way or another give the other half, counting on the reciprocity. So do not be surprised that a man, even if you do not know him very well, actively seeks out your interests in order to present a gift that will not leave you indifferent. The man is just doing a natural program.

Why are we afraid to accept gifts?

All our adult problems and fears come from childhood. Our psyche perfectly remembers the past experience. Let’s say that you really wanted to visit this very attraction in the park, to which parents replied: “Well, if you write a test on the excellent, let’s go” and everything in this spirit. You begin to perceive any proposal designed to give you a positive experience, as a way to get something in return. This approach works especially badly with men. You begin to suspect that even the man you like wants to get you into bed, or why else would he offer you a coat?

So what to do?

We are now talking about men with whom you have a more or less stable relationship. Today, men sometimes work several jobs, which means he pays less attention to his woman than he would like. He can begin to bathe his working hours in front of you in the form of a sentence “to give you money to go shopping”. Many women start to resent: “You want to buy me! No, he does not. Men, especially the busy ones, rarely bother where to go to get the thing you surely like – he may just not have the time. Giving you the money, he apologizes for not being around. It is not necessary to stand in a position and be aggressive.

As for men with whom you barely know and are not yet sure if he should reciprocate, do not accept a gift that you can not afford yourself.

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